Establishing your Twitter Identity, generating
a distinctive visual image, making connections
with potential customers.

When you need HELP with TWitter

Google Places

Putting Your Busines On The Map

"Claiming" your business name and location, adding information about your operating hours, products and services, adding pictures or video.

When you need HELP with Google Places


Putting a Face on your Business

Accessing the many tools and resources
of Social Media's strongest presence.

When you need HELP with Facebook


Broadcast Yourself

Setting up your Channel and appearance,
managing Content, Playlists, marketing
and promotion Tags

When you need HELP with Linked In

Linked In

B to B Networking

Making the Most out of the Basics in LinkedIn,
Helping you utilize the power of Networking

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How many times have you said
"I'm not technical"?

Need help with Twitter? Need help with Facebook? Can't figure out LinkedIn? Need to make Adwords work better? We can help!

You know your business needs a social media presence, but maybe you don't know where to start. ...Or perhaps you have a Facebook or Twitter Page but no idea how to best use it to generate new business, how to generate followers, how to even make it look like it should.

We set it up, make it work, make it pretty, and give it back to you... OR we can do more....

...And who's got time for all that? Your time is valuable. That's why it makes sense to OUTSOURCE your social media marketing to a professional


What if someone could monitor your social media and respond and help you balance negative comments?

ImNotTechnical is your
Social Media Outsource Resource.


GOOGLE places so much importance on Content Creation & Social Media Performance that if your business isn't creating valuable content and is not visible across Social media platforms your web traffic continue to decline. How great it would be to have a social media specialist to give your business the best exposure in Social Media?

HOW EASY woudl it be if you could manage all your business social media with a scheduled personal phone call?


  • ""Working with you has enabled our campaign to focus our efforts on less of the technical aspects and more of what is important to us, the voter."
    Brian Kelly,

  • "With all the social media options available to businesses today, it's easy for even savvy marketers to get overwhelmed and not be able to separate signal from noise. provides a turn-key solution and considerably cuts the hassle and stress of managing a social media program."
    J. G. Pasterjak,

  • "THANKS A BUNCH!!! We have made so much progress and we are not feeling Dazed and Confused anymore...I wish we met you sooner. You have been a big help"
    Tom and Mary,

  • "A pat on the back for you! Just got a call from a real heavy hitter customer out of state who Googled a product and found me on the web. KUDOS to you"

CONTACT US, let us know what you need, and we'll be your Social Media
" secret weapon!"

The Social Media Solution

for Small Business




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